Richard Spencer's mouth has been replaced with an asshole

Richard Spencer's mouth replaced with an asshole

Alt-Right luvvie and wanna be Nazi, Richard Spencer, has had his mouth replaced with an asshole. It makes sense, considering the amount of shit that comes out of Richard's mouth, to replace his mouth with an anus. Bad Breath Richard previously…
Toothless Trump
Trum ET
Theresa May - Brexit Babe
michael gove
Little Brexit Britiain
Nigella Farage

Nigella Farage

We thought 'Our Nige' should embrace his feminine side, the side he hides with fags and pints down the local boozer.
Glam Rock Tories

Glam Rock Tories - The Band

Oh my fucking shit. It's the glam rock tories.  
Jacob Rees Mogg
Theresa Brian May