Donald Trump's new hairstyle

Donald Trump's New Hairstyle

Donald Trump surprised the world this morning by revealing his new hairstyle.  He added that this was by far the greatest haircut that has ever been and that he loves it bigly.
Boris Johnson is a massive pussy
Nick Heyward Nigel Farage

Was Nigel Farage Nick Heyward from 80's band Haircut One Hundred?

Speculation was rife on Twitter over the weekend after several old, previously unseen photographs emerged of Haircut 100 with Nigel Farage fronting the band. Farage is yet to comment. We made a little animation to show how Farage has…
Nigel Farage smoking a joint

Nigel Farage loves smoking weed

UKIPS ex-leader and failed British politician, Nigel Farage, was interviewed this morning on Good Morning Britain and surprised everyone by talking openly about his love of weed. Mr Farage, 52, talked about his heady student days where…
Paul Nuttall has been awarded the nobel peace prize

Paul Nuttall awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

Paul Nuttall, the UKIP leader has certainly had a successful 2016. Nuttall, who started playing for Leicester City in January 2016, took them all the way to Wembley and on to win the FA cup with Nuttalls scoring all the goals. 2017…
Paul Nuttall French Foreign Legion

Paul Nuttall talks about his time in the French Foreign Legion

In another passionate interview, this time on the Andrew Marr show, Nutalls spoke about his time in the French Foreign Legion. He told of being stationed in Algeria around 1831 and first saw conflict at the Battle of Maison Carrée Paul…
Paul Nuttall was Che Guevara

Paul Nuttall was Che Guevara

In a late night session with journalists in Hull, Paul Nuttall, astronaut , physicist and Victorian philanthropist, revealed the full extent of his involvement in the Cuban revolution. Nuttall, in a rather sombre tone, told of his…
Paul Nuttall has won an Oscar

Paul Nuttall has won an Oscar

The UKIP leader, Paul Nuttall, has won an Oscar for his recent stellar performance in the Stoke by-election. Nuttall, who rose to fame after scoring all the goals in the World cup final against Germany in 1966, went on to appear in all…
Paul Nuttall is the voice of Siri

Paul Nuttall is the voice of Siri on the new iPhone 8

After recently losing the opportunity to become an MP in the Stoke election, Paul Nuttall of the UKIPs has moved on to bigger and better things. Paul recently landed a lucrative contract with the tech giant Apple in a multi-million dollar…
Chris Eubank is Paul Nuttall's half brother

Paul Nuttall is Chris Eubank's Half Brother

A surprise announcement came from the UKIP media team this afternoon. Paul Nuttall, the current UKIP leader, has revealed he has a half brother that he's never spoken of before. In an emotional interview, Nuttall spoke about the existence…