Donald Trump's hands

Trump's hands

Sean Spicer points out that Trump's hands are not small at all Spicer Comments Sean Spicer, the White House Press Secretary and Communications Director for President Donald Trump, held a press conference today stating that the…
President Wotsit Quaver

President Wotsit Quaver

Donald Trump looks like a Wotsit or Cheeto depending on where you are in the world. His hair looks like a quaver, a cheesy crisp.
Donald Trump's new logo

Donald Trump new logo

Donald Trump today unveiled a new logo for his time at the Whitehouse The new logo was designed to blend the traditional American flag with a new vision than Stephen Bannon is currently setting out. It's hoped to be rolled out right…
Theresa may Fashion

Theresa May fashion - A new hat to impress Americans

Theresa May Fashion - new company revealed by British Prime Minister The Prime Minister of Great Britain launched her new company today - Theresa May Fashion. Here she is seen modelling a new hat from her range designed to appeal to the…
Steve Bannon Monkey Beer

Bannon loves the Monkey Beer

Steve Bannon, the Nazi side kick to Donald Trump, is a massive fan of the Monkey beer it transpired this week. The brew that carries the strap line 'it's not for girls' is the aide's favourite tipple morning noon and night. A spokesperson…
Boris Johnson Trump

Boris Trump

Both Donald Trump and Boris Johnson have opted for the silly hair thing. Both look ridiculous but then again it does reflect their personalities and indeed abilities as politicians. Here we have blended the two of them to create Boris T…
Steve Bannon on a bender

Steve Bannon has been on the piss since Trump's inauguration

Steve Bannon, the white supremacist and also a senior member of staff in Donald Trump's cabinet simply could not believe his luck over his new job and has been partying ever since the inauguration. Bannon's flat is now a mess and with all…
Theresa Trump

Theresa Trump

Imagine if Theresa May was somehow blended with the body of Donald Trump. Well, imagine no longer for here she/he is thanks to the power of photoshop. Theresa Trump
Raiders of the lost Trump
Donald Khan

Donald Khan

Much confusion over the Muslim ban in the US at the moment. Many people, including Donald Khan a relative of President Trump has been refused entry in through the airport in New York. Khan was arrested earlier in the week and nobody has…