Nigel Farage smoking a joint

UKIPS ex-leader and failed British politician, Nigel Farage, was interviewed this morning on Good Morning Britain and surprised everyone by talking openly about his love of weed. Mr Farage, 52, talked about his heady student days where he first fell in love with the ganja at Dulwich College.  Farage told various stories of smoking Jamaican weed with pals after school. ‘I especially like dub reggae music when stoned, the rhythm and the basslines just get me when I’m high’ he said. ‘Nowadays, there’s nothing I like doing more, after a long day of moaning about immigrants and promoting my pal Arron Banks’s political agenda, than to sit down with a huge spliff and toke away until I’m red-eyed bro.’ Farage told of his time working in the European Parliament as an MEP saying it was ‘great to be working in Brussels, as it was only a hop skip and jump to Holland, where I could stock up on a whole range of different types of weed.’ ‘I just love the skunk weed, it’s my favourite of all ganja in Holland. It’s a bit smelly for sure but then it does help to cover up the stench of my hypocrisy.


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