Paul Nuttall was Che Guevara

Paul Nuttall as Che Guevara

Paul Nuttall is Che Guevara

In a late night session with journalists in Hull, Paul Nuttall, astronaut , physicist and Victorian philanthropist, revealed the full extent of his involvement in the Cuban revolution. Nuttall, in a rather sombre tone, told of his time in Cuba that culminated in the toppling of the Batista regime and a victory parade through the streets of Havana in early 1959. With a tear in his eye, he told how he was saddened that historians have continually failed to recognise his efforts during the Cuban revolution, much of his work has been attributed to Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara. Nuttall, now with tears running down both cheeks, finally stunned the press conference by saying ‘You all thought you were interviewing the leader of the UKIPs but tonight I can reveal that Paul Nuttall was Che Guevara.’ At this point the room was silent but for the sobbing of Nuttalls. A few coughs and splutters cut the atmosphere before the perplexed journalists gathered their items and shuffled off towards the exit. Nuttall remained standing at the podium weeping until the caretaker arrived.


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