Steve Bannon as Dr. Strangelove

Steve Bannon is Dr Strangelove

Does Steve Bannon remind anyone else of Dr. Strangelove? Steve Bannon is the assistant to President Trump and has a reputation for being a bit of a Nazi. He looks like a fat bloated alcoholic that is full of hate and is probably haunted…
Steve Bannon Monkey Beer

Bannon loves the Monkey Beer

Steve Bannon, the Nazi side kick to Donald Trump, is a massive fan of the Monkey beer it transpired this week. The brew that carries the strap line 'it's not for girls' is the aide's favourite tipple morning noon and night. A spokesperson…
Steve Bannon on a bender

Steve Bannon has been on the piss since Trump's inauguration

Steve Bannon, the white supremacist and also a senior member of staff in Donald Trump's cabinet simply could not believe his luck over his new job and has been partying ever since the inauguration. Bannon's flat is now a mess and with all…